Sacred Sites Protection and Rights of Indigenous Tribes (SSPRIT) is an Indigenous led – Vallejo based organization dedicated to protecting Native American sacred sites and to preserving the  cultural and spiritual freedom of First Nations Peoples. SSPRIT advocates for the removal of Native American mascots in public schools and educates the community about Native American cultural appropriation & decolonization.

 SSPRIT supports the endeavors of all Indigenous Peoples to maintain their sovereignty as individual Clans, Bands, Tribes and Nations.  We give this support through information, education and resolutions of support.

SSPRIT petitions governments and institutions with grievances to the violation of the human & civil rights of Indigenous People and desecration of Native American Sacred Sites. We speak out against legislation that violates the sovereign rights of Indigenous Peoples.

SSPRIT educates members of the community and provides educational support to local schools, educators and students through presentations, discussions, and educational workshops to eliminate discrimination against Indigenous Peoples. Our goal is to inform the public of the importance in preserving & protecting Native American sacred sites and the importance to upholding the civil & human rights of all Indigenous Peoples.

SSPRIT promotes respect for Indigenous Peoples through community involvement; this includes attending & participating in community events and networking with local businesses.

SSPRIT promotes Native American cultural relevancy in contemporary society and takes non – violent direct action against discrimination. SSPRIT holds public events, meetings, gatherings and ceremonies. We offer insight into the similarities of Native American spirituality and other religions & faiths.

SSPRIT affirms, All Life Is Sacred.