Racist Backlash on Crockett FB Page Exposes Problems with Warrior Mascot

SSPRIT has remained relatively distant from the Crockett Facebook pages, only to alert community members about upcoming events regarding the Indian mascot issue.  However, in preparation for the school board meeting this Wednesday, March 9th (where the board will revisit their unethical vote which named Warrior as the new school mascot) we have been posting memes exposing the correlations between Warrior mascots and settler-colonist patterns of behavior.

Untitled-1 copy (1)

After this meme was posted, the conversation took an ugly turn, where one pro-Warrior mascot community member, Emmett Davis, told Indigenous educator, Makhapo Blu Wakpa, to “Shoot your arrows elsewhere…we shot back before and kicked your ass, remember?  History repeats itself.”  He continued “yeah, thats right Wackpa or whatever your savage name is…sure…”.

That wasn’t all.  See for yourself.  The entire conversation was captured:








This is an example of the racist backlash that will arise over and over again when Indigenous Peoples voice concerns about the appropriateness of the Warrior mascot.  So the question becomes, why does JSUSD want to play with this kind of fire?


2 thoughts on “Racist Backlash on Crockett FB Page Exposes Problems with Warrior Mascot

  1. I caught a sliver of the above when I was at work. When I got home the string was deleted so I don’t know how it resolved itself as the entire string was deleted. There were several strings on this one page discussing the subject of “warriors.” Folks actually calmly mulled over the question: Can one culture can lay claim to the words “warrior” or “peacemakers”? Are war and peace not human states of being that we all share? People posted about warriors from other cultures, women warriors through the ages, and so on. I, being a girl who grew up with only brothers and boy cousins, added that competitive sports are a substitute for war during times of peace and men need to safely discharge their testosterone somewhere.

    Yup, that’s my view as the only girl raised in a family tree chock full of boys. In point of view, so much of sports has been taken from war (from the gaining and losing territory in football to the almost deadly, hand-to-hand combat of professional fighting.)

    What ended up that string above (and was eventually deleted by the page monitor) reminded me of the chest thumping that occurs right before a bar fight by folks who would have done better checking their testosterone at the door.

    The thing about FB, if you want to provoke anger, you’ll get it back right atcha. If you want to educate and find commonality, well, it takes the willingness and time to hear other points of view and parse out nuances.

    I supported decolonizing the mascot. But, I am a daughter of 2 warriors (daughter of a fighter pilot/dad and a woman who worked in military intelligence.) My Celtic foremothers fought buck-naked, painted blue next to their men and successfully helped stopped the Roman invasion.

    So no, I do not believe one culture can own the word “warrior”…

    But…that’s IMHO.


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